Concrete Planters, Benches, Urns and Misc.

Concrete Planters, Benches, Urns and Misc.



The Livingston Garden Center is pleased to announce the addition of a good line of quality concrete products. They are poured by dedicated craftsmen. The concrete planters, benches, small animals and fountains make a perfect addition to any garden.



Unique park bench, for that special nook where you want to sit in the peace of your own hidden garden. It will fit into your arbor, garden gate, under that tree, between the shrubs or just about anywhere you want a bench to blend with its surroundings.


This bench is the same as above without the back. Less conspicuous for the gardener who wants to blend with nature. This bench is great for arbors, quite nooks, or under the shade tree for that relaxing atmosphere.


Great streamlined bench for more traditional settings. Use it on the porch, by the walk, on the hill, or in the garden. Works great for commercial applications as well like by the store entrance, by the sidewalk or public park. The extra stable supports make this bench stable and safe.


The traditional curved bench is great for corner seating, around a table, in formal or rustic settings. Great for that cultured look on patios, decks, by the garage, or on the porch.


Great urns for the discerning grower. These smaller urns have plenty of soil capacity to grow beautiful plants to perfection. They work well in settings where the porch elevation and size is moderate to small.


This urn is formal in design and short in size. Plenty of soil capacity or a hanging basket may be inserted for instant results. Can be used for commercial or residential settings.


Very well done porch boxes. Great for Porches without railings. Plenty of soil capacity for great plant health.


Standard large urns for use in commercial and residential settings. These large concrete planters will accent any entrance. Use them by store entrance, porch, drive entrance, by a gate, or public park.


Bird baths, small animals, or a shoe planter will enhance your gardening experience. These lawn ornaments are truly lasting beauty. They add interest to sitting areas, entrances or gates. Great for identifying your house, use by the mailbox, walk or driveway.